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Membership Renewals 2019

Dear Havurahniks, 
As our new fiscal year begins, we want to take the time to acknowledge the ways in which Havurah provides opportunities for us to engage and thrive within a supportive Jewish community. Havurah continues to grow in membership and in programming. We are joined by families of all ages and sizes, excited to find their Jewish home at Havurah Shalom. 
This growth, both in numbers and in the complexity of our congregational makeup and needs, translates to additional costs in multiple areas. Our small staff works hard to meet the needs of our educational and other programming, spiritual life, and pastoral care. For the coming year we are continuing to adjust our budget to support the needs of our community that have been identified by committees and Steering. This includes funds to provide modest salary increases for our staff, support for our various Tikkun Olam efforts and to address other priority areas in the congregation.   
The 2019-20 budget approved at the Congregational Meeting reflects an average 3% dues increase to keep up with the growth in expenses. The table below shows the dues levels for the various categories of members.  
The standard dues for the fiscal year July 1, 2019– June 30, 2020 are as follows: 

(If dues schedule is not clear, click here.)
How you can help keep Havurah Shalom vital and strong: 

  • If possible, pay the standard dues amount for your household.   
  • If you have been paying the standard amount, consider an increase over and above the new dues amount for your category.   
  • If you can, consider a payment at the Double Chai level, of $3,600, or even Triple Chai, at $5,400. Supplemental payments will make a big difference for our bottom line and may not have much impact on your budget if spread out on a monthly basis. 
  • For members who adjust their dues, we ask that you also stretch, and attempt to increase your adjusted contribution by at least $75 for the coming year (at least $6.25 per month) with a goal of having your dues no less than 2% of your Adjusted Gross Income. 
  • For members who are unemployed or underemployed, self-adjust your dues according to your ability to pay, with an annual minimum amount of $360 for those 24 years or older.  You do not need to ask permission to self-adjust, nor will you be asked for proof that you are entitled to a dues adjustment. All self-adjustments are kept strictly confidential. We trust that, when you are able, you will increase your level of support for the community.  

A heartfelt thank you for your continued support of, and participation in, our community. We look forward to another year of financial health! 
“May you be blessed in everything you do and by virtue of the way you extend your hand.” Deuteronomy 15:10 
Ken Lerner and Julia Lager-Mesulam, Co-Presidents 
P.S.  If you choose to pay monthly, please consider our Monthly Debit Option to pay your dues.  This method of payment saves you the time involved with writing checks, saves our volunteers time spent tracking and collecting dues, and gives us a steady income stream throughout the year for planning purposes. 

So, here’s what to do:   


Complete the Online Dues Commitment Form. For automatic new bank debit setups or changes to your dues amount (if you are adjusting your dues), download the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and mail it to the address shown. 
By Mail:

1) Complete the Dues Commitment Form. (Scroll down to see the form.)
2) To start automatic debit of your dues payment from your checking account, please use the Authorization Form on the second page and attach a check for the first month’s payment.
3) Mail the forms by 6/24/2019 to the address shown.

Mon, July 6 2020 14 Tammuz 5780