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Havurah Shalom’s mission is to provide a vibrant, egalitarian, diverse, engaged Jewish community. Steeped in Jewish values, Havurah Shalom promotes spirituality, learning, and acts of social responsibility.

5778 Theme – Aidut

Our theme for 5778 is aidut, the Hebrew word for testimony. The root word, עוד, means “return, repeat, do again.” Through returning and repeating often comes conviction, leading to aidut, “affirming, witnessing, giving testimony.” A related word is ode, “continuance, still in existence.”

In selecting a theme, Havurahniks seek to find common language to help us consider what animates our community and to set an intention for the year. Our theme is both a conceptual framework as well as an operational commitment.

In this time in which we are confronting vastly divergent representations of reality, we need to continually notice, be willing to bear witness, and stay present with our own truths. This requires showing up, both physically and spiritually, and returning - over and over again.

One more outgrowth of this root is the word oded, to encourage and strengthen.” Ultimately, the actions of returning, building continuity, and bearing witness create strength within us, as individuals and as a community. What encourages you to continually show up and to speak your truth? How do we create a community that strengthens our ability to know and testify about what is right and good?

5778 Community Brochure

Download a PDF of our 5778 Community Brochure here, or print the images of the brochure below, to learn about our upcoming year's activities.
























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Sat, July 21 2018 9 Av 5778