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Transparency & Inclusivity Committee

Havurah's Transparency and Inclusivity Committee's purpose is to address and monitor policies and procedures to ensure transparency of governance decisions and allow for greater communication between members and governance, and among members, so that every congregant feels like a valued member.

Increased transparency will lead to greater engagement of members and promote inclusivity. Transparency is a reciprocal and ongoing process. It is a congregational value that members have greater understanding of the decision making process within the congregation and that Havurah leadership continues to create avenues to learn about the needs and concerns of Havurah members.

Answers To Your Questions

Havurah's Transparency and Inclusivity Committee has invited Havurah members to submit questions to them about Havurah. Below is an answer to one of the questions.


  • What is the process when you have a great idea for a project to become a reality?


  • Determine which committee or cluster your idea is best connected to. You can do this by either looking at the organization chart on the website or asking the Gesher Team for their suggestions. The committee organization chart can be found on the Governance page of our website, and information about the Gesher Team can be found on the Planning an Activity page.
  • Contact the appropriate person(s) and discuss your idea with them.
  • Utilize the Principles and Practices: A Checklist for our Participatory Governance as a guide for the discussion as you develop the project or activity.
  • Your idea might be found consistent with priorities and move forward, determined to be consistent but shelved for a later time if scheduling, space, staff, and/or volunteer resources are not available at that time, or found not to currently match congregational priorities.

Further questions about this process? Let Fran Weick ( or Judy Steinberger ( know, and they will try to answer them.


  • I’m confused about who does what in the office so I know who to contact.


Stay tuned for the answer. Teri and Rachel are working on a description of their roles at Hauvrah. Meanwhile, the Group Contacts page on our website can help clarify their roles.

Thu, August 16 2018 5 Elul 5778