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Welcome to Havurah Shalom

Havurah Shalom is a diverse, egalitarian and welcoming Reconstructionist community in the Pacific Northwest working to bring the full meaning and wisdom of our Jewish heritage into our lives. We invite you to join us for Shabbat services, holiday celebrations, and educational opportunities.

Purim 2018: Live the Chai Life! Wednesday, Feb. 28, 6:00-8:30 pm - Come one, come all, for a night of joy, masquerade, and retelling the story of some courageous individuals from long ago whose valor saved the Jewish People. We will interweave some chanting of the Megillah with dramatic narration and off-the-wall spieling. Get ready to make some noise as we recount the fateful events that led to the spoiling of the wicked plot of you-know-who! Followed by dancing, revelry, pomp, circumstance and L'chaims. RSVP here.





Tue, February 20 2018 5 Adar 5778