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Long Range Planning Committee

To see the most recent announcements regarding our Long Range Plan, click here (or go to > About > Long Range Plan).


A new long range planning process was initiated in 2021. The Long Range Planning Committee is chaired by Debbi Nadell and Adela Basayne, with committee members Sam Sirkin, Stacy Hankin, Amanda Coffey, Beth Yohalim-Ilsley, Laurel Singer, Fran Berg, Miryam Brewer, and Deborah Eisenbach-Budner.

After reviewing Havurah's 2014 Long Range Plan, the committee organized focus groups to collect qualitative information about members’ visions of a successful Havurah. Quantitative data was collected through a member-wide census, and a member-wide survey collected both qualitative and quantitative information.

Two groups of Havurah members are analyzing the information. Ben Walters, Janet Byrd, Judy Steinberger, Bob Liebman, Chari Smith, and Andrea Sanchez are analyzing the quantitative data, with assistance from Karen Westerman, who is creating usable charts from the data. Fran Berg, Bob Brown, Miryam Brewer, Sam Sirkin, Marian Rhys, Carol Landsman, Janice Kettler, and Jack Lazareck are analyzing the qualitative data. A third group of members will write the plan to present to the Steering Committee: Beth Kaye, Julia Lager-Mesulam, Kat Trevison, Ken Lerner, Eliana Temkin, and Bija Gutoff.

The groups met separately twice in February and will meet twice in March to review the data. They will gather as one large group during April to compare their results and will meet again in May to prepare their recommendation for the Steering Committee. 

You can find a one-page overview of the 2014 plan here and the entire 2014 plan here. Tom Berg and Deborah Eisenbach-Budner also prepared this report about Havurah’s growth and the decisions Havurah faces based on growth projections.

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