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Ma'avar Committee

Ma'avar is Hebrew for "transitions." The Ma'avar Committee, led by Karen Erde, Annie Goldberg, Ericka Kimball, and Candi Wuhrman, provides educational support for Havurah members and their families, to improve their quality of life and the dying process, and to support them in facing death. They help individuals and the community deal with the different stages of life, from health to illness and/or aging to end of life, including support as they experience chronic disease, death, and the grief caused by these losses.

Programs include panel discussions about current media and support groups on the following topics:

  • improving the quality of life and death
  • talking to the people who matter in our lives about what's most important to us during the different stages of life and end of life
  • developing an ethical will to leave a legacy for our loved ones
  • talking about death and dying to our children
  • encouraging young families to make plans, such as guardianships, if they are unable to care for their children
  • helping children, young adults, and their families deal with life changes that are out of their control (death of a young person, divorce, pandemic, suicide, overdoses, etc.)
  • supporting the community during end of life and bereavement
  • developing resources for anticipating grief, incomplete relationships, and loss, and helping people develop resiliency
  • discussing Jewish tradition and spirituality to deal with transitions such as aging and death
Tue, July 23 2024 17 Tammuz 5784