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High Holiday Services

For 40 years now, Havurah Shalom has opened our High Holidays services to the community. Admission is free and no tickets are required. Last year about 1,000 people attended our services.

As we enter the 2020 High Holidays season, we are once again offering our services to the entire community, members and non-members alike. Admission is free and no tickets are required. This has been our tradition for 40 years, and it continues this year.

What’s different: all our High Holidays offerings will take place online, in our new “virtual tent.” Our “tent” is accessible via your mobile phone or computer. There you will find all our services, programs, and resources for the holidays. 

We invite you to come on in, explore, and reconnect.

Registering and Attending
We are using a special online platform to manage our High Holiday services. Please scroll down to the "Register and Attend Services" section below to learn how to access this platform. 

Service and Event Schedule
Find the schedule and more information in the following sources:

Machzor and Song Book
Access and download our service texts at the following links. These files can also be found in the On Demand section and on the event pages of each service in the web portal/app.

Members may borrow machzors and take home their own copy of the song book. Appointments for pick-up through 9/17 may be made here.

Lulavs and Etrogs
This year, we are asking people to order directly from Everything Jewish. You may have heard that Chabad, which runs Everything Jewish in Southwest Portland, suffered two fires this month. Purchasing your lulav and etrog from them directly is a good way to show support. Visit to order online. 

On Demand Content
When you have signed in to the web portal or app (instructions below), you will have access to specially recorded music albums made by Havurah's talented musicians and service leaders, recordings of the classes and events held during the month of Elul, and more. Don't miss out!

Need help?
We are here. Please email if you have any trouble at all registering, signing in or using our High Holidays platform, whether you are a member or not. We look forward to hearing from you.


Register and Attend Services

1. Register here. (Skip this step if you've already done it.) Make sure to hit the "submit" button at the end of the form to complete your registration!

2. After registering, go to the web portal via this link and sign in:

Use your name and email, and a verification code will be sent to you. A new verification code will be sent every time you log in. You can avoid being logged out by just keeping your window open.
Getting the app (optional): You will receive an additional email within 48 hours with links to the web portal (same as above) and to the App Store, where you can download the app and participate on your devices. Both the web portal and app have identical content and features, but the app may be more convenient for some folks.

You can also find the app yourself by searching for "CrowdCompass AttendeeHub" in the App Store. Once it's downloaded, open the app and search for "Havurah Shalom" and you will find our High Holidays app! Sign in and you're all set to go! The app will stay logged in.

3. Attending Events
After you’re logged in to the web portal or the app, navigate to the schedule and click on the event you want to attend. There will be a Zoom link there! If you do not see a Zoom link, make sure you're on

Video Tutorial
For a thorough video tutorial on everything mentioned above, please click here.

Please email with questions.


Past Years' Drashot

You can find written or recorded versions of past High Holidays drashot below.

Fri, September 18 2020 29 Elul 5780