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Shabbat & Weekday Services


All are welcome at our weekday services on Wednesday mornings and at our Friday and Saturday Shabbat services. Our website calendar provides dates and times for each of the services described below.

Shabbat Morning Service-Maker Volunteers

Our community Shabbat services are lay-led and rely on a core of volunteers with Rabbi Benjamin. We want to make sure everyone is aware of the opportunity to contribute and learn. We want to expand and diversify the cohort who make Shabbat morning community services happen. If you are interested in learning more about how to plug in, please contact the Havurah office.

Wednesday Mornings

Our Wednesday morning minyan is for people who want to incorporate a regular prayer practice into their week and those saying Kaddish. It is usually 8:30 to 9:00 am, but the start time is earlier for Rosh Chodesh and some holiday observances. Check our online calendar for updates.

Friday Evening Services

Please check our online calendar to confirm the dates and times below and to RSVP. Also, check our calendar for additional Friday services that will be scheduled throughout the year.

Kabbalat Shabbat Dinner & Service

This musical and spirited service is led by Rabbi Benjamin and Havurah musicians. All are welcome at the service, and no RSVP is required. The registration deadline for the catered vegetarian dinner is noon on the Wednesday before or when the maximum number of seats have been filled, whichever comes first. Childcare is available. 6:30 pm Dinner, 7:30 pm Service.

Dorot – Short & Sweet Shabbat

Join us for this casual, family-friendly, and music-filled service. Beginning with candle lighting, Kiddush and challah, the service continues with prayers and music, followed by a vegetarian potluck dinner. Led by Jacob Mandelsberg, Sarah Shine, Gabe Adoff, and Tanja Lux. 6:00 pm Service, 6:45 pm Potluck.

Saturday Morning Services

Please check our online calendar for confirmations and updates to the information below:

Saturday Services for Everyone

Community Minyan

Led by community members and Rabbi Benjamin, this welcoming and engaging service includes davening, Torah reading, and discussion, followed by a Kiddush lunch. Childcare is available. 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Contemplative Shabbat

On these Shabbat mornings, Rabbi Benjamin will lead us in contemplative practice. Covering less of the liturgy than we normally do, we will take our time chanting particular verses as well as leave plenty of room for silent prayer and/or meditation. We will then connect through some reflective Torah discussion and share blessings through chanting a few aliyot. 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Refugee Shabbat

Over the Shabbat of October 19-20, the American Jewish community will dedicate sacred time and space to refugees and asylum seekers as part of HIAS’ National Refugee Shabbat. Join us for Shabbat morning services during this time of unprecedented attempts to close America’s doors to those seeking freedom from violence and persecution. 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Text & Torah

Torah study and bagel nosh followed by a shortened Saturday morning service. Childcare is available. Led by Diane Chaplin or Rabbi Benjamin. 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Saturday Services Especially for Families

Discovering Shabbat Morning Learners’ Minyan

In this upbeat minyan service, we learn about the general structure of the service, key themes and prayers, and some of the choreography. We practice some prayers together and answer questions. Especially for families with youth in Grades 5-7, those who are in the b’nai mitzvah process, adults who are curious or perplexed, and anybody else. Childcare is available. Light lunch provided afterwards. 10:00-11:30 am.

Camp Havurah

Great for families with young children and for people of all ages, Camp Havurah is a musical, fun and upbeat Shabbat morning service that features sing-along style prayers in Hebrew and English. Easy to follow, with English commentary and kavanot (intentional statements). Followed by a sponsored Kiddush lunch. 10:00-11:30 am.

Family Shabbat

A big fabulous morning of singing, storytelling, Torah learning, celebration and noshing. We gather together for some parts and break into smaller age-focused groups for Torah learning and family activities. Especially for families with youth grades k–6 and anybody who wants a boost of kid energy. Led by Deborah Eisenbach-Budner, Rabbi Benjamin, and community members. Followed by potluck oneg lunch. 10:30 am-12:00 pm.

Tot Shabbat

Young children (0-5) and their parents celebrate Shabbat with singing, movement, blessings, and storytelling. We will touch on the main highlights of the Shabbat morning service: wonder, fun, song, listening to the world, dancing, and Torah. Afterward we will enjoy an informal oneg nosh and the chance to play and schmooze. Led by Rabbi Benjamin and Deborah Eisenbach-Budner. 10:30-11:30 am.


Friday Night

This is the blessing for lighting the candles of Shabbat, sung by Havurah member and musician Ilene Safyan. You can also hear Ilene sing the kiddush for Friday night Shabbat. You can also see all of our Shabbat songs here.

Saturday Morning

Being called up for an aliyah is an honor. These are the words to the blessings before and after a Torah reading. You can listen to recordings of the blessings below:

Blessing before the Torah reading

Blessing after the Torah reading

Goleil Instructions - The Goleil or Gelilah dresses the Torah when a reading is done.

Magbiah Instructions - The Magbiah lifts the Torah scroll after the reading

Deborah Eisenbach-Budner’s Illustrated Guide to a Shabbat Morning Service (PDF)

Order of Service Chart (PDF) – This chart walks you through each part of the Shabbat morning service, including page numbers in our siddur.

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