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The following is Havurah's current organizational structure:

Hadracha (Governance)

Steering: Co-Presidents, Vice President, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, Corporate Secretary, and Leads of Avodah, Kehillah, Limud and Tikkun Olam.

Finance Committee

Moatzah Committee (Education Director Advisory Group)

Makom: Garden, Design, Building, Maintenance, Safety, I.T.

Our current Steering Committee is:

  • Bill Kwitman & Ken Lerner, Co-Presidents
  • Julia Lager-Mesulam, Vice President
  • Shelley Sobel, Immediate Past President
  • Janet Byrd, Treasurer
  • Liz Joffe, Corporate Secretary
  • Susan Brenner, Lead for Avodah (Spiritual Life)
  • Aaron Pearlman, Lead for Kehillah (Community)
  • Lisa Cordova, Lead for Limud (Education)
  • Chris Coughlin, Lead for Tikkun Olam (Social Action)

Avodah (Spiritual Life)

Spiritual Life Committee (including Mikveh Rep)

High Holidays Liturgy Committee

Pastoral Care Team

Ma'avar & Cemetery Committees


B'nai Mitzvah Committee

Kehillah (Community)

Connections Committee

Leadership Development Committee

Holidays Team

Alter Rockers

Families with Young Children

Rabbi Transition Disappearing Task Force

Jewish Reconstructionist Communities (JRC) Liaison

Fundraising/Endowment Committee

History Committee

Limud (Education)

Shabbat School

High School/Middle School

Lifelong Learning Committee

Book Group


Tikkun Olam (Social Action)

Tikkun Olam Committee

Poverty/Homelessness Team

Climate Action Team

Refugee Support Team

Immigrant Support Team

Equity Team

Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) Liaison

Steering Committee Minutes

Havurah's Steering Committee has made a commitment to transparency of decision making by providing copies of the minutes of its monthly meetings on our website. Below are recent minutes:


Sat, March 24 2018 8 Nisan 5778