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Hadracha (Governance)

The Hadracha Cluster of committees is responsible for steering Havurah Shalom, ensuring that our decision-making processes are in line with our values and mission. Hadracha empowers and supports staff and committees, modeling collaborative governance that strives to operate with equity, transparency, and inclusivity. The Hadracha Cluster supports sustainability throughout Havurah and endeavors to be future-looking as we lead and guide our community forward.

Hadracha committees are listed below. Hadracha also includes the Treasurer and Corporate Secretary positions and the Jewish Community Relations Council Representative.

Committees, Task Forces, Work Groups

Steering Committee Members

  • Ben Walters & Loree Devery, Co-Presidents
  • Oren Kosansky, Vice President
  • Miriam Reshotko, Immediate Past President
  • Shari Raider, Treasurer
  • Katherine McDowell, Corporate Secretary
  • Cindy Merrill, Lead for Avodah (Spiritual Life)
  • Karen Ballard, Lead for Kehillah (Community)
  • Galit Reilly, Lead for Limud (Education)
  • Bob Brown, Lead for Tikkun Olam (Social Action)
  • Steve Birkel, Lead Makom (Place)


You can read Havurah Shalom's Bylaws here.


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