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Planning an Activity

Havurah Shalom is a creative and active community, and we welcome new ideas and activities that can help us fulfill our mission: To provide a vibrant, diverse, engaged Jewish community. Steeped in Jewish values, Havurah Shalom promotes spirituality, learning, and acts of social responsibility.

Given the many ways people can participate at Havurah and the great number of committees and teams here, you may find it helpful to read about our governing structure to determine which person or group to contact for support in planning your activity.

You can find the names of our committee chairs here and the names of other community leaders and contacts here. Our members' contact information can be found in our online membership directory, which members can access by logging into our website. After you log in, you'll find a link to the directory at the bottom of the drop-down menu under "community."

If you have an idea for a new activity at Havurah, this Principles and Practices guideline is a great tool, and it includes tips and resources to guide you.

Our Gesher Team, formed at Havurah leadership retreats, is available to guide committees in planning new programming that spans cohort groups and committees. This Decision Making Graphic can help you determine whether or not to consult our Gesher team for guidance.

These guidelines can help you plan a Havurah activity:

To be reimbursed for expenses you incur while planning an activity, please download this form, attach your receipts, and mail them to Rachel Pollak at the address on the form.




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