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Birth is an especially sacred time. We dedicate this new life as having purpose and destiny. An integral part of that purpose is that of belonging to an ancient covenant and a community of faith.

Beginning in August 2017, Rabbi Benjamin and Deborah Eisenbach-Budner will be available to officiate for a special ceremony to name your baby or to circumcise your son.

The circumcision ceremony is called a "Bris," and it traditionally occurs on the eighth day of life, although this may be postponed for a variety of reasons.

The doctor who performs a ritual circumcision is called a “Mohel.” You will want to schedule your mohel way in advance of your delivery date. Even if you are not certain you are having a boy, you should call one or two months ahead of time to tentatively schedule the mohel. Please call the Havurah office at 503-248-4662 and ask to speak to Rabbi Joey.

The above photo was taken at a naming ceremony at Havurah.












Sun, October 22 2017 2 Cheshvan 5778