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Gesher (Bridge)

The Gesher Committee is chaired by Shelley Sobel and Fran Weick. Members include Nancy Becker, Fran Berg, Karen Erde, Julia Lager-Mesulam, Adela Basayne, and Herman Asarnow.

Gesher encourages collaborative planning at Havurah and offers consultation to committee members and staff to help community projects embody collaboration, inclusivity, accountability, and transparency. The committee recognizes that Havurah’s growth challenges members to find new ways to engage in participatory governance and planning. Members are invited to contact Gesher to explore these challenges and promote the values of Havurah.

Gesher sponsors and organizes Havurah's Annual Leadership Planning Retreat and mid-year Planning Workshop in collaboration with the Leadership Development Committee.

Most recently, as Havurah members return to in-person gatherings again, Gesher has offered this flier (pictured below) for members to print and refer to when they meet.


Tue, July 23 2024 17 Tammuz 5784