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Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance Committee is chaired by David Lewis. Committee members include Bruce Barbarasch, Fran Berg, Tom Berg, Steve Birkel, Rocky Cohen, Charles Green, Sara Jacobs, Megan Koler, Bill Kwitman, Jack Lazareck, Benjamin Lebwohl, Stephen Lebwohl, Jeff Alnitak, Morgan Luker, Warren Moliken, Monica Moriarty, Michael Morris, Karen Polinsky, Daniel Reid, Hannah Schafer, Baila Scott, Ben Tevelow, Rachel Tevelow, Michael Wall, Ben Walters, Phil Walters, Ben Werner, and Damian Wise.

The Building Maintenance Committee supports Office & Facilities Manager Rachel Pollak in an ad hoc way to repair the building as required. If the committee determines that a repair is beyond its capabilities, a contractor is hired to manage the project.

Recently Fran Berg and Phil Walters have been working with Design Committee Co-chair Joan Peck and Rachel Pollak on a remodel of the north side of the kitchen, where the sinks and sanitizers are located.

Thu, September 28 2023 13 Tishrei 5784