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Transparency & Inclusivity Committee

Havurah's Transparency & Inclusivity Committee is chaired by Elianne Lieberman. Committee members include Gloria Halper, Janice Kettler, and Sara Radcliffe. The committee's purpose is to address and monitor policies and procedures to ensure transparency of governance decisions and allow for greater communication between members and governance, and among members, so that every congregant feels like a valued member.

Increased transparency will lead to greater engagement of members and promote inclusivity. Transparency is a reciprocal and ongoing process. It is a congregational value that members have greater understanding of the decision making process within the congregation and that Havurah leadership continue to create avenues to learn about the needs and concerns of Havurah members.

Click here for guidelines for increasing transparency in congregational decision making.

Have a Question About Havurah?

The Transparency & Inclusivity Committee welcomes your questions! We will find the answer and publish the question (but not the questioner) and answer in an upcoming Hakol. It is our intention at Havurah that what you know and understand about our congregation should not be a function of who you know. If you find yourself wondering about something related to Havurah, or if someone shares their question with you, we hope you contact us.

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Curious to Learn More About Havurah?

The Transparency & Inclusivity Committee has a Q&A archive you can access here.

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