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The Kitchen Kvetch: Tour with the Kvetch

Adele Thompson


It's February. If you aren't going on a cruise to sunnier lands, we could take a short tour around Havurah with the kvetch.

Walking towards the courtyard you might notice new growth on the plantings in the tree wells then the striking fragrance of blooming shrubs, notably the sarcococca (really!). Watch for announcements of occasional gardening work days if you are drawn to the outdoors.

The garbage room is the first door, tucked to the right just past the office window. With this bit of knowledge--and remembering that keys are kept in a kitchen drawer you can be a cleanup crew mensch, much in demand after special events.

When you arrive at the front door pause to admire the mosaics, perhaps pick up a stray bit of litter, and show off your memory skills
or your child's by entering the correct door code on your first try.

In the lobby, scan the bulletin board for upcoming events while waving to Rachel and Brad in the office. Of course on Saturdays you will see Shabbat School instructions on the white board and you will greet Deborah, Carrie, and Adela.
As you move towards the office two other bulletin boards come into view. On the right a bright holiday display maintained by Susan Lazareck can help you stay current with the Jewish calendar. And the packed board on the left will keep you up to date with the community. By the way, check out The NW Examiner, the neighborhood newspaper, if you see a copy. The editor, Allan Classen, is a consummate kvetch of the (usually) constructive variety.

You can probably find your new wooden name tag in the vestibule if you want to be known.

If you are finishing a beverage and want to discard a disposable container, please first empty any remaining liquid into a sink and put the cup and lid into the garbage. The kvetch recommends reusable containers, in case the question arises.

The kitchen remains terra incognita to many so let's highlight the sights. Beyond expected appliances there are other serious assets including first aid supplies to the right of the door and a phone left of the refrigerator. Ice and cold packs are in the freezer. One of the security door bars is behind the door enabling you to create an emergency safe room.

Conveniently, an electric coffeemaker and tea kettle are on the counter opposite the door with coffee and tea supplies in the cupboards above and cups on the rack next to the freezer. If you are helping prepare kiddush, wine and juice are usually in the refrigerator and the little cups and trays are also above the electric tea kettle (left side door this time). Notice that you've also found the knife blocks in the same area. Cutting boards are harder to spot
on the rack below the cups and glasses, leaning against the freezer.

Serving food at your meeting? Plates are kept on open racks, silverware in drawers next to the refrigerator, and paper napkins in a lower cabinet under the coffee/tea. There is a microwave just to the right of the stove. Instructions for the dishwasher are posted and quite a few members are initiated in its use if you need support. Most cabinets and drawers are pretty well organized and labelled, though the drawer closest to the door tends to draw junk. Look through it; try not to add to the problem.

Two blue recycling bins are on the lower shelf of the big stainless island table. Posters on the wall give reminders of what we can recycle. Food waste goes into the white tin with the wooden top next to the double sink and extra Bio Bags to line it are under the small single sink.

Outside the kitchen, other little-visited areas and rarely-described features include the laundry facilities, linen storage, and of course, the basement. A small sign on the washer warns of maximum capacity. The big folding doors in the sanctuary and social hall conceal spare furniture. Handle these doors gently please.

Along the lines of "good to know" there is a tool kit in the office. There are sharps containers and emergency plumbing equipment in the bathrooms.

There is no quiz today, only a little tour to illuminate some of the mysteries of our building and help see you through this last dark month to the bright spring ahead.

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