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Israel/Palestine Committee

We are in distress about the current violence in Israel/Palestine which has inflicted suffering on both Palestinians and Israelis. The situation is both achingly familiar and distressingly different. We hope that through our committee we can provide some opportunities in the near future for us to come together as a congregation to discuss the root causes, the ever-changing situation on the ground, and paths forward. There is no shortage of webinars, opinion pieces, and analyses. Below, there are many links with a range of perspectives on the situation — not in any particular order.


Israel/Palestine Committee Portal

See more up-to-date news and events from the Israel/Palestine Committee.

Resources on Israel/Palestine collated in 2015

Here are some resources on Israel/Palestine collated in 2015 for a class by Joel Beinin.


Sun, September 19 2021 13 Tishrei 5782