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Staffing Task Force

Members of the Staffing Task Force include Julia Lager-Mesulam, Oren Kosansky, Shari Raider, R.E. Szego, Alana Silverman, and Adela Basayne. The Staffing Task Force is responsible for the following:


  • Exploring other congregations' staffing models
  • Being mindful of/incorporating vision of Music Coordinator position in consultation with Rabbi Benjamin
  • Considering ways to combine certain tasks within positions


  • Reviewing previous conversations about money and implications on staffing
  • Identifying what Havurah needs, what we can afford, and if we can’t afford what we need currently, considering how to  change our revenue so we can support our community


  • Recruiting other members to join Staffing Task Force
  • Reviewing materials that Governance 2.0 created around staffing needs that were expressed during focus groups and interviews with staff and leadership
  • Reviewing recommendations of Life of A Member
  • Reviewing Long Range Plan recommendations
  • Meeting and partnering with staff on their ideas about staffing models
  • Meeting and partnering with Steering on their ideas about staffing models
  • Communicating with congregation the Staffing Task Force's scope of work and providing updates
  • Consistently partnering with Treasurer, Steering Committee, and Personnel Committee on costs per position
  • Consulting with Personnel Committee and Corporate Secretary on job descriptions


  • Short Term - Coordinating with Personnel and Governance 2.0 on HR outsourcing option
  • Long Term - Making a recommendation to Steering and staff on staff to be hired,  including job descriptions and costs associated with positions
Tue, May 21 2024 13 Iyyar 5784