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Sanctuary Committee

Chaired by Shari Raider, Kathy Gordon, and Robert Trachtenberg, the Havurah Sanctuary Committee engages in political action and direct service in its work of welcoming the stranger.

Tikkun Olam Adelante

Tikkun Olam Adelante is a community engagement arm of the Sanctuary Committee. We partner with the Ortiz Center/Bienestar de la Familia, a Multnomah County agency serving immigrants and refugees. Through this partnership, we established an English Language Learning class, and an after-school tutoring, a Spanish/English language exchange staffed by volunteers from the Havurah congregation. We have also supported a Guatemalan family applying for asylum.

Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice (IMIrJ)

Alongside other congregations in the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice, we advocate for immigration-related public policy issues. We are part of the national HIAS Welcome Campaign and participate in National Refugee Shabbat and other HIAS actions. In partnership with Catholic Charities, we provide support to refugees relocating to the Portland area. We also participate in events organized by the Jewish Coalition for Immigrant Justice Northwest.

Activism/Political Action

Our activism has included the following:

  • Annual Refugee Shabbat
  • Annual Passover Service and Vigil at ICE Headquarters
  • Education for Havurah members about immigrant and refugee issues
  • Salem Legislative Lobby Day
  • Advocacy for legislative and regulatory changes
  • Vigils at ICE headquarters and detention sites
  • ACLU Legal Observers
  • IMIRJ Accompaniment

Sanctuary Committee Charter

Purpose:   The Sanctuary Committee is part of the Tikkun Olam cluster and provides members of Havurah Shalom with opportunities to support and advocate on behalf of immigrants and refugees at the local and national levels. 

Scope of Activities 

The committee organizes member participation in programs that serve local immigrants and refugees, such as English Language Learning classes for adults, Intercambio language-learning pairs, after-school tutoring for children, and assistance with food delivery. These programs may be offered in partnership with local agencies such as the Ortiz Center. 

The committee may provide sponsorship and support to specific families and individuals who are applying for asylum, or are recently arrived immigrants or refugees. These activities may include partnerships with local agencies serving immigrants and refugees such as Catholic Charities or Lutheran Community Services Northwest. 

  • The committee organizes educational activities for the broader Havurah Shalom community, such as the annual National Refugee Shabbat (with HIAS, formerly known as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) and shabbat school activities. 

  • The committee advocates on behalf of immigrants and refugees at the local, state, and national levels, in partnership with organizations such as the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice (IMIrJ), HIAS,  and the Jewish Coalition for Immigrant Justice Northwest. 

Sun, October 2 2022 7 Tishrei 5783