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Lotsa Helping Hands

Do you know about Havurah's Lotsa Helping Hands support network?

Lotsa Helping Hands enables Havurah community members to schedule and sign up for tasks to help members going through challenging times. This could include making and delivering meals, making home visits, and more.

Tasks are posted on the Lotsa Helping Hands calendar by a coordinator and the member requesting help. Volunteers can easily see what is needed and sign up for individual tasks, and an email can be sent to the Lotsa Helping Hands network of volunteers, alerting them to the need for help. Regular reminders are sent to volunteers who sign up, so no one forgets their commitments.
So if you have a new baby and need a break, a meal, a shoulder to lean on … we have volunteers for you. Knee or hip surgery? Give your caregivers a break, get meals delivered with a smile, and maybe have a chat to pass the time. Havurah members are here for  you!

You can join Havurah's Lotsa Helping Hands network by following these three steps:

  • In your browser search box, enter "Lotsa Helping Hands Login." Click on the "Log In/Lotsa Helping Hands - Join Community" link that appears on your screen.
  • You will see "Sign in to your Lotsa Helping Hands community." Enter the login information that you use when you log onto Havurah's website as a Havurah member. (In other words, use the same email address that you use for your username on the Havurah website, and use the same password.)
  • Check out the "help needed" calendar entries and sign up to help!

Havurah's Lotsa Helping Hands community leaders are Linda Appel, Susan Lazareck, and Ted Scheinman. Please contact Susan if you need assistance in joining the group. You can find all three members' email addresses in our online membership directory, which can be found at the bottom of the drop-down menu under "Community" after you log in as a member.

Linda Appel        
Susan Lazareck

Note: If you are a member of Havurah and have an urgent pastoral need, please contact Rabbi Benjamin through his office number at 503-248-4662 ext. 3.

Photo above is of Linda Appel and Susan Lazareck.



Thu, December 2 2021 28 Kislev 5782