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Purim Thanks, Video, Photos & NPR

So many people to thank for making our March 11 Purim Party possible! Thank you to everyone listed below, and to any and all whose names are unintentionally missing.

Most of all, thank you to Saul Korin for being the lead organizer as well as the eveing's DJ, and to Dan Reid, for creating an amusing and contemporary spiel. And thank you to Barbara Gundle for taking the wonderful photos that you can see here in our Facebook album. (You don't have to have a Facebook account to see them.)

If you missed the spiel, you can watch it here.

Did you hear Deborah Eisenbach-Budner on NPR last Saturday? Listen to the story about Purim here.

Jody Anderson
Nancy Becker
Mark Berkson
Eve Berry
Essie Bertain
Barbara Block
Michelle Bobowick
Naomi Brown
Adam Caniparoli
Jacob Caniparoli
Don Caniparoli
Jeremy Cohen
John Devlin
Laura Ehrlich
Deborah Eisenbach-Budner
Julie Endress
Jacob Endress
Elise Granek
Mike Heidling
Mary Guertin
Debra Jablonski
Greta Klungness
Saul Korin
Stephan Linder
Abigail Marble
Lisa Menachof
Aaron Pearlman
Ellen Regal
Dan Reid
Sarah Rosenberg
Teri Ruch
John Schultz
Patricia Schwartz
Beth Segal
Liza Springgate
Holly Telerant
Phil Walters
Marjorie Walters
Emily Weltman
Leila Wice
Deborah Wise
Joey Wolf
Beth Yohalem-Ilsley
Simon Yohalem-Ilsley


Thu, May 24 2018 10 Sivan 5778