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Marching This Sunday

Havurah members are invited to join Rabbi Benjamin and other Havurah members to march with the Portland Interfaith Clergy Resistance and their congregations this Sunday.

We will meet at Schrunk Plaza at 12:30 pm to demonstrate that the people of Portland are not in favor of the continuation of rallies of white supremacists in our city. Havurah member Joel Beinin will have the Havurah banner. To join him and Rabbi Benjamin, and to help carry the Havurah banner, look for the clergy wearing purple vests.

The plan is to march from Schrunk Plaza to the Waterfront, down Columbia and back up Taylor in a circle that leads back to Schrunk Plaza. Though this march is permitted, it isn’t clear whether marchers will be allowed to stop at Waterfront Park. If you are concerned about this uncertainty, when the march arrives at the Salmon Street fountain area (where the white nationalists will be gathering) you can join the Unitarian Universalist group across the street from them, who will be wearing yellow.

Portland Interfaith Clergy Resistance was not created so our members can position themselves throughout a rally or march as a conspicuous presence, bearing moral witness in the streets.

Fri, June 22 2018 9 Tammuz 5778