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Committee Chair/Co-Chairs
B’nai MitzvahProvides structure, resources and community support for families preparing for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process in the Havurah community. Julie Hastings & Miriam Reshotko
Connections Provides a warm and welcoming environment for new, prospective and current members. Strives to engage members in social events while creating connections and a sense of belonging. Sarah Rosenberg
DesignSelects the art, design and furnishings that beautify Havurah Shalom’s space, according to Havurah aesthetics and values. Joan Peck
Education: Lifelong LearningWorks to provide programming and resources for Adult Education and oversees policy decisions for our Shabbat School, Middle School, and High School programs. Eve Berry
FinanceProvides oversight and continuous budgetary management of Havurah’s finances. Karen Westerman
FundraisingEngages Havurahniks in creative ways to financially support the community and its outreach. Janet Byrd
History – Works to collect, organize and preserve historical documents and artifacts of our community with the goal of sharing the collective memory and experience of Havurah with our community.  
Holidays – Identifies co-leaders for each of four annual holiday celebrations, guides co-leaders in planning celebrations with a goal of making them intergenerational, and attends at least one planning meeting prior to each celebration. Gaby Saunders & Patricia Schwartz
Information TechnologyStrategizes, manages and troubleshoots the technological aspects of Havurah’s operations. Steve Birkel
Ma’avar: End of Life & Cemetery Provides the Havurah community resources to honor the dead and to comfort and support mourners, in keeping with Jewish traditions and rituals, and oversees cemetery operations. Sidney Gold & Keren McCord
Rabbi Search In May 2017, Rabbi Joey will retire after 30 years as Havurah’s rabbi. Understanding that a transition to new rabbinic leadership would take several years, a Rabbi Search Committee was proposed and approved by the Steering Committee after consultation with Rabbi Joey, Havurah leadership, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, and other Havurahniks. The committee was chosen to represent members who were involved in all aspects of Havurah, specifically education, liturgy, governance and social justice. Miryam Brewer, Andrew Garland-Forshee, Lee Gordon, Janice Kettler, Mariah Lebwohl, Ken Lerner & Eliana Temkin
Spiritual LifeSeeks to enhance and expand the community’s spiritual experiences and encourages independent efforts to develop new communal practices with alternative services, study sessions, learner’s minyans, yoga and other creative expressions of spirituality. Diane Chaplin & Sam Sirkin
SteeringGoverning body focused on strategy, policy and long range planning. Shelley Sobel & Bill Kwitman, Co-Presidents; Ken Lerner, Vice President; Debbi Nadell, Immediate Past President; Janet Byrd, Treasurer; Liz Joffe, Corporate Secretary; Susan Brenner, Lead for Avodah (Spiritual Life); Aaron Pearlman, Lead for Kehilla (Community); Lisa Cordova, Lead for Limud (Education); Chris Coughlin, Lead for Tikkun Olam (Social Action)
Tikkun Olam – “We are not required to complete the work of repairing the world, but neither are we free to desist from it.” – Rabbi Tarfon, Pirkei Avot (2:4)


Tikkun Olam – the healing impact of social justice through vibrant, diverse efforts in our community and the world. From its beginnings, Tikkun Olam has been a core value for the Havurah community. We pursue Tikkun Olam through advocacy, outreach and direct service activities. In addition to our ongoing projects, the Tikkun Olam Committee invites and encourages Havurah members to suggest new ideas and opportunities for expanding our community involvement as we work for social justice.

Chris Coughlin & Bob Brown
















Thu, 30 March 2017 3 Nisan 5777