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Committees & Teams

Committee/Group (& Cluster) Chair/Co-Chairs
Alter Rockers (Kehillah) – Brings members together who may or may not be retired, who want to have fun. Sarah Rosenberg
B’nai Mitzvah (Avodah) – Provides structure, resources, and community support for families preparing for the bar/bat mitzvah process in the Havurah community. Julie Hastings, Amanda Coffey & Constance Plager
Book Group (Limud)Meets once a month to discuss fiction or non-fiction on topics relevant to or of concern to Jews. Each discussion is led by a different Havurah member. Marjorie Walters
Cemetery (Avodah) – Oversees the management of Havurah's cemetery, including burial plot sales and agreements with Metro Regional Government, which owns the cemetery. Dave Weil & Lou Jaffe
Design (Makom)Selects the art, design and furnishings that beautify Havurah Shalom’s space, according to Havurah aesthetics and values. Joan Peck
Families with Young Children (Kehillah) – Supports programming for families with young children. Contact: Adela Basayne. Other Leads: Alison Asarnow, Benjamin Foote, Rebecca Darling-Budner & Buff Neretin

Finance (Hadracha) – Provides oversight and budgetary management of Havurah’s finances.

Shari Raider
Fundraising/Endowment (Hadracha)Engages Havurahniks in creative ways to financially support the community and its outreach. Nancy Becker
Gardening (Makom)Beautifies and maintains Havurah's outdoor areas. Barbara Gundle
Gesher/Bridge (Hadracha) – Provides guidance in planning programming that crosses committees and cohort groups, with a focus on values and goals. Shelley Sobel, Julia Lager-Mesulam, Nancy Becker, Fran Berg, Karen Erde, Herman Asarnow & Adela Basayne
High Holidays Liturgy (Avodah)Works with programming staff to plan the coming year's High Holidays liturgy. Sacha Reich
History (Kehillah)Preserves historical documents and artifacts of our community to share our collective memory and experience. Leadership position is open.
Information Technology (Makom)Strategizes, manages, and troubleshoots the technological aspects of Havurah’s operations. Steve Birkel
Kabbalat Shabbat Dinner (Kehillah) Plans and makes possible our monthly Kabbalat Shabbat dinner. Gloria Halper, Nancy Weintraub & Mimi Epstein

Leadership Development (Hadracha) Develops and supports congregational leaders in their work with committees.

Debbi Nadell, Eve Berry & Shelley Sobel
Lifelong Learning (Limud)Helps provide programming and resources for adult education. Eve Berry
Lotsa Helping Hands (Kehillah)Links Havurah members who want to help others during difficult time with Havurah members who need assistance. Susan Lazareck, Linda Appel & Ted Scheinman
Ma’avar/End of Life (Avodah) Provides multiple paths of access, support, care, and chesed for each person in our community as they explore issues related to death and dying. The committee does this through education, conversation, engagement and outreach. Keren McCord, Karen Erde, Susan Lazareck & Anne Goldberg

Nominating Committee (Hadracha) Submits nominations for Steering Committee positions to the Havurah membership, based on rules and process defined in the Havurah By-laws.

Debbi Nadell
Pastoral Care Team (Avodah) Provides Bikur Cholim, visiting and helping members who are ill. If you are a Havurah member and have an emergency need for pastoral care, please contact Rabbi Benjamin directly at 503-248-4662 ext. 3. Candi Wuhrman & Tivona Reith
Personnel (Hadracha) Oversees policies and procedures to ensure best practices in human resource management at Havurah. Liz Joffe
Safety/Security (Makom) Establishes procedures and information to ensure the safety of the community.  John Devlin
Spiritual Life (Avodah)Plans and supports Shabbat services for the Havurah community. Diane Chaplin & Sam Sirkin
Steering (Hadracha)Focuses on strategy, policy, and long range planning to govern the community. Julia Lager-Mesulam & Miriam Reshotko, Co-Presidents; Ben Walters, Vice President; Ken Lerner, Immediate Past President; Shari Raider, Treasurer; Vivienne Popperl, Corporate Secretary; Sacha Reich, Lead for Avodah (Spiritual Life); Stefanie Hausman, Lead for Kehillah (Community); Galit Reilly, Lead for Limud (Education); Chris Coughlin, Lead for Tikkun Olam (Social Action); Tom Berg, Lead for Makom (Place)
Tikkun Olam The goal of Havurah’s Tikkun Olam programming is to be a force for positive social action and healing in the broader community by focusing, organizing, and engaging the Havurah community in social justice work. 

Chris Coughlin & Bob Brown

Work Group Leaders:

Metropolitan Alliance for Common Good (MACG) - Andy Beers

Climate Action - Michael Heumann & Andy Beers

Sanctuary - Shari Raider, Bob Brown, Kathy Gordon

Poverty & Homelessness - Gloria Halper, John Devlin, Steve Rudman, Ruth Feldman

Tikkun Olam Global - David Newman

Transparency and Inclusivity (Hadracha)  Ensures transparency of governance decisions and greater communication between members and governance and among members, so every congregant feels like a valued member. Judy Steinberger & Fran Weick
Welcoming Committee (Kehillah) – Welcomes new and prospective members, organizes welcomers at Havurah events, and works to link members who live near each other.  


Learn about  Havurah's clusters and committee structure on our governance web page.


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