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Guidelines for Using Tikkun Olam Email Lists


Below are descriptions of the current Tikkun Olam email lists. These lists use Google Group technology. 

The General Tikkun Olam List is for any topic to be posted and shared that is related to Tikkun Olam activities or actions. The committee lists are topic or team-specific. 

One decision that each committee has made for their committee list is about the intended use of the committee list. Committee messages can include committee events, actions, or information specific to the committee's mission, and communication about the business of the committee (meeting agenda, meeting notes, budget information). For example, the HCAT list description below describes a list that includes HCAT-specific events or actions but not committee business. The description of the Sanctuary list consists of both events and actions and committee business.  

In general, only congregational members can join these email lists. There may be some exceptions to this rule. 

Posting to or receiving posts from any of these email lists requires individuals to be members of the list.  

The list managers or owners can add or remove people from that list. Individual members of an email list can remove themselves or ask to be removed from any email list. Contact the list owner/manager if you are interested in joining any of these lists 

New email lists can be added with the approval of the Tikkun Olam cluster lead. A description of the email list must be provided that describes the purpose and audience of the proposed email list and the owner/managers of the list. 

Posting to any of these lists goes to a large group of list members. When considering whether to post or reply to a message to any of the lists, please consider if the content of the posting will be interesting/appropriate to most members of the list.  

Please contact the list managers if you have questions about the use of the email list.

General Tikkun Olam List 


This list is to be used to share information between Havurah members about events, activities, or other actions that may be of interest to Havurah members related to social justice. Members of the list can post directly to the list. We hope that Havurah members will post event information that they will attend or participate in so that members can attend events together. This list only includes Havurah members.  

The Tikkun Olam list is not to be used for comments, discussions, stating opinions, or to voice approval or disagreement with someone else’s posting. Those communications should be made directly to individuals and not use the email list. The list should not be used for information that does not have a social justice purpose. 

List Manager: Bob Brown 

Sanctuary Committee 

Havurah Sanctuary Committee List


This email list provides information about immigration and refugee community activities or keeping informed about committee events, immigration issues, and activities including committee meeting agendas and notes.  

List Manager: Robert Trachtenberg, Shari Raider 

Havurah Climate Action Team

Havurah Creating Climate Solutions List


This is an email list used to post information about events, actions, and other activities specific to the work of solving the climate crisis. Postings include announcements about upcoming activities, workshops, conferences, demonstrations, and advocacy requests (write letters, call your elected representatives, or provide testimony or comments about specific legislation or proposed regulations). 

List Managers: Elianne Lieberman, Michael Heumann 

Havurah Poverty and Homelessness Committee 

Havurah Homelessness Poverty Interest Group


This list is for Havurah members who are interested in taking action to study and work on improving Homelessness and Poverty. 

List Manager: Karen Erde 

Havurah Racial Justice Committee

Havurah Racial Justice Committee Group


This is an email list used to communicate the actions, and activities of the Racial Justice Committee and the business of the committee. The list is also used to communicate racial justice-specific community activities that are of interest to list members. 

List Managers: Kathy Gordon and Bob Brown 

Thu, September 28 2023 13 Tishrei 5784