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Education Programs 2018-2019

Logging In If you log in before completing this form, you will be given the options to either pay tuition online using a credit card or to have the tuition billed to your account so that you can send in a check. If you are NOT logged in, the website will only give you the option to use a credit card. Please note that there is a 3.45% processing fee associated with online payment, to cover the cost of the online service. To log in, use the link at the top, righthand corner of the website. If you have never logged in before, you will be asked to register your account.


There are 2 steps to registering for Havurah Shalom Education Programs.

  1. Fill out the Registration/Emergency/Learning Notes form below, one for each child.
  2. Fill out the Payment Form. You will receive a link to that page after submitting the form below.

To ensure a spot in the 2018-2019 Shabbat School program, families must:

  1. be members of Havurah Shalom and 
  2. register for Shabbat School by May 1.

To enroll for the first time in Shabbat School, a family cooperative education program, families must first speak with Deborah Eisenbach-Budner, Education Director. 

For tuition assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Deborah.

For membership info, contact Karen Westerman.

Youth Education Programs Information

Shabbat School
Grades K, 1, 2, and 6 meet 3:00-5:15, Saturday Afternoons
Grades 3, 4, and 5 meet 2:40-5:15, Saturday Afternoons

Optional Hebrew Classes
Begin in Grade 3, 1:30-2:40, Saturday Afternoons before Shabbat School
Levels alef, bet, and gimel (1, 2, and 3) are offered; level dalet (4) is contingent on enrollment and teacher availability.

Middle School Program
Grades 7-8, 6:30-8:30, Wednesday Evenings (includes dinner)

High School Program
Grades 9-12, 6:30-8:30, Wednesday Evenings (includes dinner)

Registration/Emergency/Learning Notes Form

Student Personal Data

Parent/Guardian Personal Data

Emergency Information

Parent Release for Transportation and Emergency Situations - By initialing below I understand and agree to transportation of my child in private vehicles driven by other parents in connection with the Havurah Shalom Education program, on the occasions when classes are held at a location other than Havurah Shalom. In case of an emergency when I cannot be contacted, I authorize the Havurah Shalom personnel or parent volunteer(s) to obligate me for the services of medical personnel and act as my agent in securing emergency treatment. This authorization is valid from September 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019.

Learning Notes - Information for Parent-Teachers in Your Child's Grade

Please Note: Havurah Shalom Shabbat School, Middle School, and High School are open to Havurah Shalom member families only. By submitting this application you confirm you are a member in good standing of Havurah Shalom.

Thu, June 20 2019 17 Sivan 5779