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2019 Interests Survey


Thank you for taking a moment to tell us about your interests at Havurah.

To help us understand your priorities, please choose no more than one option from the drop-down menu in each cluster. If other options also interest you, tell us in the comments box at the end of the survey.

Volunteering during High Holidays isn't listed on this survey because we hope that all members will support our longtime tradition of welcoming everyone to our services. This is only possible with volunteer support from hundreds of Havurahniks.

Havurah's Kehillah (Community) Cluster includes the following:

Welcoming Committee - welcomes new and prospective members and helps current members connect with each other
Intergenerational Team - integrates multiple generations at Havurah. **We need a leader for this team!
Alter Rockers - provides social opportunities for retired or almost-retired members
Lotsa Helping Hands - uses email to link members who want to help with members who need help
Fundraising/Endowment - plans events and mailings to ensure Havurah's financial stability and growth
Families with Young Children - supports programming for families with young children
Holidays - helps plan community holiday celebrations at Havurah. **We need leaders and volunteers in this area!
Kabbalat Shabbat Dinners - helps plan monthly community dinners
Use the drop-down menu below to choose the Kehillah group you're most interested in.

Havurah's Avodah (Spiritual) Cluster includes the following:

Spiritual Life - plans Shabbat services to enhance our community's spiritual experiences
Community Minyan - brings members together to lead, read Torah, drash, or take other roles at Saturday services
Dorot Shabbat - plans and leads family-focused, intergenerational services 4-5 Fridays a year
High Holidays Liturgy - helps plan the coming year's High Holidays services
B'nai Mitzvah - provides support for families preparing for the b'nai mitzvah journey at Havurah
Ma'avar (End of Life) - provides end-of-life education and support for the bereaved
Meditation/Chanting - meets Tuesdays at noon for an hour of Jewish contemplation and/or meets once a month for pure heart chanting with Rabbi Benjamin
Music Leadership - helps lead music at Havurah
Use the drop-down menu below to choose the Avodah group you're most interested in.

Havurah's Limud (Education) Cluster offers the following:

Lifelong Learning Committee - plans programming for adult education
Book Discussion Group - brings members together to discuss books with themes that are relevant to the Havurah community
Use the drop-down menu below to choose the Limud group you're most interested in.

The following are work groups of our Tikkun Olam (Social Action) Cluster:

Poverty/Houselessness - provides direct services to houseless families at local shelters
Climate Action - educates and empowers people to address climate change
Refugees - provides direct support to refugees in the Portland area in partnership with Catholic Charities
Sanctuary - advocates for and provides direct support to immigrants in the Portland area
MACG (Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good) - leverages the collective power of 24 local religious groups to effect positive change 
Tikkun Olam Global - focuses on international social justice and issues related to global poverty and inequality
Use the drop-down menu below to choose the Tikkun Olam work group you're most interested in.

The Hadracha (Governance) Cluster includes the following committees:

Steering - governs Havurah by focusing on strategy and policy
Finance - provides oversight and budgetary management of Havurah finances
Gesher (Bridge) - supports members' efforts to bridge committees and groups in planning programs
Leadership Development - helps develop new Havurah leaders
Transparency/Inclusivity - helps ensure that decision making at Havurah is transparent and inclusive
Personnel - works to ensure best practices in human resource management at Havurah
Use the drop-down menu below to choose the Hadracha group you're most interested in.

The Makom (Place) Cluster includes the following opportunities:

Safety - establishes procedures to ensure the safety of our community
IT - provides advice about technology needs at Havurah
Garden - beautifies and maintains Havurah's outdoor areas
Design - selects art and furnishings that beautify our building
Building - strategizes long-term building needs
Facilities Maintenance - helps with minor repairs and short-term building needs **We could use more support in this area!
Office Support - assists office staff with office projects
Use the drop-down menu below to choose the Makom group you're most interested in.

We often have opportunities for members to share their skill sets to support Havurah, such as plumbing, legal, contracting, music, etc. If you are willing, please tell us your occupation/hobbies/interest areas.



Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your interests!

Mon, July 6 2020 14 Tammuz 5780