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Counting the Omer: Seven Weeks of Spiritual Refinement

The Counting of the Omer, which connects Pesach with Shavuot, lasts for 49 days. Each of its seven weeks represents one of the kabbalistic Sefirot, Divine emanations or qualities. Thus each week is an invitation to reflect on the presence or absence of that quality in our lives, as a means of refining our awareness and behavior. Following the liberation of Passover, this period gives us a road map through which to live the question: To what do we dedicate our freedom? 

At each of our meetings, we will connect with material about the sefirah of the week, reflecting on its meaning and how we understand its role in our lives. Toward that end we will utilize various practices — meditation, chanting, contemplative study, and dialogue. Guidance will be given for continuing practice and reflection during the rest of the week, helping us make the most of the Omer period as a whole. Our intention will be to form a trusting and supportive group as a foundation for this journey. The group will be led by Rabbi Benjamin.

If you are interested in participating, please indicate whether one or both of the times below would work for you.
Fri, May 24 2019 19 Iyyar 5779