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In 2015 as Havurah approached the level of 350 member households, projections were developed for future growth, based on different possible trajectories.

The graph below shows the projections for low (blue – 1%), medium (green – 2%), and high (red – 3%) growth. The black line shows our actual growth since 2015, approximately 4%.  As of July 2022, we have close to 500 member households, with a significant number joining since the start of the pandemic two years ago.

At the outset, Havurah founding members observed that the population was missing an older sector. They were told they would need to ‘grow our own.' The next chart shows we have accomplished that as our population continues to age.

Compared with the age breakdown from our 2014 Long Range Plan, we saw an increase in the number of members in the 11-20 and 71-80 age ranges. We saw decreases in the percentage of our population in the 21-30, 41-50, and 51-60 age ranges.

Havurah members continue to be spread across the Portland metro area with a small number in other areas including Southwest Washington and non-metro areas of Oregon. This graph shows the breakdown of where we live – 55% on the east side of the Portland area, 40% on the west side, and the remaining 5% outside of the Portland area.

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