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The Hebrew phrase we have used for Inclusivity is patuach hakol, which means ‘open to all." In this spirit, Havurah welcomes members of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences as part of our community. Members of the Welcoming Committee and the Transparency & Inclusivity Committee think about which steps we can take to ensure that all members, whether they are just joining or have been members for 30+ years, feel they are valued.

Our survey asked respondents to think about their sense of belonging within Havurah. This chart shows that over half of members have a very strong or strong sense of belonging.

We also asked survey respondents who identify with specific groups how welcomed they feel in those aspects of their identity. This chart shows that members who identify in several of the categories feel less than embraced by the community. Havurah leaders and staff will continue to focus on how we can improve the Havurah experience for those in these specific groups.

Tue, July 23 2024 17 Tammuz 5784