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Pastoral Care

Earlier this year, Havurah members with pastoral care training and experience formed a Pastoral Care Team (PCT) to support members during the months when we had no rabbi. Rabbi Benjamin and the PCT have now begun a conversation about continuing their work to support him in providing pastoral care to our community. PCT Co-chairs Allan Cordova and Sandy Ramirez will meet with Rabbi Benjamin and Deborah Eisenbach-Budner soon to lay the groundwork for this support system.

In our June Hakol, the PCT was described as a congregant-led group whose purpose is to provide both spiritual and hands-on support to Havurah members facing such things as illness, medical challenges, and family emergencies. The PCT has a growing "wish list" of emotional and practical kinds of support that it hopes to facilitate, such as groups for members who are grieving, a group for parents of adopted children, and more. The PCT welcomes ideas from the community, so please email Sandy at if you have suggestions.

Lotsa Helping Hands

One goal of the PCT is to supplement and complement Havurah's Lotsa Helping Hands process, which has been in existence for many years. Recent medical challenges faced by Havurah members have underscored the need for greater participation in Lotsa Helping Hands as well as a better understanding of the many kinds of support we can offer through Lotsa Helping Hands. This support isn't limited to providing meals and visits. If you need support in some way, please contact Sandy to find out if the Lotsa Helping Hands network might be able to help.

One reason more Havurah members aren't participating in Lotsa Helping Hands, though many have asked to be added to the list of helpers, is that some people don't respond to the initial email they receive from Lotsa Helping Hands to complete their registration. Your email address won't be added to the list unless you respond to that initial email.

If you want to join Lotsa Helping Hands, please click on Sign Up Here and enter your email address. When you receive your initial email from Lotsa Helping Hands, be sure to reply to it. If you have trouble with any part of the process, please call Teri at 503-248-4662 ext. 4 for help.

Sign up here for Lotsa Helping Hands!

Nick Fish & Patricia Schechter

Two of our fellow Havurahniks' needs will no longer be met soon if more people don't sign up for Lotsa Helping Hands and jump in to help: Patricia Schechter and her husband, City Commissioner Nick Fish. Click here to help.

But don’t stop there. Nick and Patricia are just two among many who can use help from fellow community members during difficult times. Please sign up for Lotsa Helping Hands and reply to the first email you receive from Lotsa Helping Hands, so you can be a part of this important community of helping hands.

Thu, January 23 2020 26 Tevet 5780