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What a Celebration!

Thank you to all who made this year's Purim celebration so awesome!

Check out these photos from the Purim celebration taken by Barbara Gundle, with a few more photos from Miryam Brewer and Adela Basayne. (More photos to come from Deborah Eisenbach-Budner.)


The list below of people who helped make our Purim celebration possible is not complete. So many people lent their hands! Please email Adela with any names you notice missing so we can thank them, too. Thank you, one and all!

Lead Organizer

Adela Basayne


Marsha Green

Annie Goldberg


Laura Ehrlich

Henry Link

David Link

Maddie Teitleman


Ellen Regal, author

Chari Smith, dramaturge and director

Judy Kloper

Buff Neretin

Ezra Webb

David Kertzner

Dan Reid


Anna Mafchir

Dale Schwartz

Sandy Bachrach        

Evan King

Charles Green                                                     

Kate Haas

Jana Hopfinger

Beth Shreve              

Tara Anderson

Joni Kutner

Janet Hammer

David Rosenfeld

Andy Waxman    

Racheli Ross

Karen Pomerantz                    

Constance Plager

Chris Coughlin

Elise Granek      

Judy Herzberg

All Around Helper and Security Point Person

Julia Mesulam-Lager

Adult Drinks Table 

Sara Rosenberg

Rachel Pollak

Alter Rockers

Dance Party

Saul Korin, DJ extraordinaire


Debbi Nadell

Everyone who brought food

Hamantaschen judging and prizes

Havurah High School students

David Feder

Tidy-Up Crew

Sue Danielson

Andy Beers

Judy Kloper

Susan Baillet

Megillah Leyners

Rabbi Benjamin (Arava Barnett on his shoulders)

Marty Brown (as Felix the Cat)

Roger Brewer (as the Clown)

Susan Brenner (as a flapper)

David Feder (to the tune of We Will Rock You)

Unpresidented Brass Band

Andrine De La Rocha

Howard Patterson

Beth Hamon

And their band mates


Barbara Gundle

Mon, July 6 2020 14 Tammuz 5780