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Donate to the Campaign for Havurah

Campaign for Havurah

The Campaign for Havurah has not officially launched yet, but we are accepting early donations.  

Can you be a Havurah First Responder and breathe first life— נִשְׁמַ֣ת חַיִּ֔ים—Nishmat Chayyim—into this early stage of our campaign?  

The Campaign will address two of our most pressing needs: 
  • Staff expansion to add much-needed personnel. 
  • Renovation and expansion of our building. 
Much work has already been done and continues to be done to create the foundation for our upcoming campaign, including conducting a preliminary feasibility study, evaluating the viability of our information/technical infrastructure, and identifying the committees that will implement the campaign.  

Thank you for donating to the campaign at this early stage! It gives us energy and momentum as we move forward.  

If you wish to be more involved in the campaign work, please contact one of the members of the Executive Committee: Rachel Shimshak, Herman Asarnow, Dave Rosenfeld, or Alexis Baghdadi. 

Please enter amount. Your donation will go to where it's needed most.

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Tue, May 21 2024 13 Iyyar 5784